APT (formerly JCM Apartment Service) realizes your comfortable stay from the first day. Our all-inclusive-rooms are equipped with furnitures, saving you time, money and hassle. More than 200 guests and tenants from all around the world have enjoyed our apartments with multilingual support. In Nagoya, we provide a home-away-from-home for education professionals, students, creatives and travellers from around the world, feel free to contact us now.


1.Please let us know a bit of your plan.

When are you moving to Nagoya and for how long? We can reserve the room for up to 1 week for any potential tenants provided the room is available.

Please let us know the date and time if you wish to come and see the room first.
2.We will respond to any enquiries via email within 24 hours.

Please send us a scanned copy of your passport or any other official identification if you decide to take the room.

3.If all the information is correct we will then send you a payment form.

The contract procedure is completed when the rent for the 1st month is cleared.

4.When you move in our team member will pick you up at the nearest station exit.

Please inform us of your estimated arrival time.

And we will then hand over the keys to the apartment and explain everything you need to know when we are there.
What documents do I need for signing a contract?

You will need your passport and Japanese resident card.

Please include both sides of your resident card.

Can I view the room before signing a contract?

Yes of course. We can arrange a viewing at a convenient time for you.

I am currently overseas. May I still apply?

You can apply anytime by contacting us via phone or email under our “Contact” page.

What is the term of the lease agreement?

We are very flexible on lease agreements and usually we can accommodate any type of time length. The minimum is 1 month.

What happens if I decide to leave early?

Yes but please do inform us one month in advance.

If the intended stay is shortened the monthly rent will be increased and we will simply charge the difference.

What happens if I decide to stay longer?

It depends on the availability of the room so please inform us of any changes as soon as possible.

If you intend to stay longer you will receive a lower rent for the following month, unfortunately we can’t issue any refund.

How much is the deposit?

No deposit is required.

However if water, electricity or gas bills are exceedingly high, or if any significant damage is found in the apartment room or furniture, a separate bill will be issued before the tenant’s departure.

Your monthly rent will need to be paid on the same date you signed your contract every month.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, bank transfer as well as cash payment.

Are there any housekeeping services?

Unfortunately no. Apartments will need to be adequately maintained and cleaned by the tenant. Cleaners will look after the public areas like corridors.

Garbage is collected from outside the apartment building on designated days which you’ll be informed of prior to moving in.

Can I have pets in the apartment?
Can I invite friends or family to my apartment?

Yes of course you can. There is bicycle parking outside the apartment buildings as well as several car parks in the surrounding area. Please be considerate of neighbours with noise levels.


Yes. We can also help you to set up your Japanese residence card.

Is there somewhere I can park my car or bicycle?

We have bicycle parking available at all our buildings and carparks are subject to availability and contract.

Do you provide a moving service?

This is dependent on the amount of luggages you have and distance or location you are moving from. We can help in arranging a moving service if needed.

When can I start using the internet?

All our apartments include WIFI connection which is ready to use as soon as you move in.